Lars Eidinger | O MENSCH

Book presentation and reading by Lars Eidinger
December 1st, 2023
A Perfekt Present

After Autistic Disco, O Mensch is the new photo book by Berlin actor Lars Eidinger. It combines photographs from the last three years taken with a mobile phone camera with older images shot with a single-lens reflex camera. Eidinger’s images resemble seemingly harmless snapshots only on the surface. In a society of singularities and vanishing boundaries between humans and machines, the absurd reality of everyday life has become a colossal photomontage. From the perspective of an actor who knows that the reciprocal presence of good and evil is the core of every truthful and touching character, Lars Eidinger creates images that put human ambiguity at the center. The Berlin-based Japanese poet Yoko Tawada, has written short poems in the form of haikus for a selection of photographs, adding a poetic layer to the interpretive space. 
LARS EIDINGER (*1976, Berlin) is one of Germany’s most distinguished actors, acclaimed for his theatrical performances as a longtime ensemble member of Berlin’s Schaubühne, as well as for his unfathomable portrayals in film, marked by a tender sensitivity. Following the publication of his first photobook, Eidinger is giving photography continuously more space as a tool of expression as well as self-exploration.