Founded in 2022 ALBA Gallery is representing its thematically intrinsic program by bringing exceptional exhibitions to life, interconnected by their transdisciplinary approach. 

Driven by a keen interest in the wide-ranged conditions of human identity, ALBA Gallery‘s program explores this spectrum ­in all its beauty and cruelty. 
Being attracted by the aesthetics of both the immensely atrocious as well as the overwhelmingly beautiful, we all as human beings deal with universal issues, everyone can find a part of themselves in.
What makes us human? What is real/life? Where do we position ourselves within these concepts, what motivates our urge to then escaping from them and where do we anticipate to find ourselves once this process is successful?
The undeniable disparity between what we – as a society – commonly agree upon as real life and our individually received reality – aligned to the purpose of prevarication – remains uncanny and self-destructive behavioural patterns reflect on the paradigms of contemporary times and emotional mechanisms, as seductive illusions consume us with heart and soul. 
ALBA Gallery embraces those identity fomenting directions emerging from plurality, proprioceptively renegotiating the fragility of both the physical and the virtual self and its realities.