Maša Stanić, Daniel Silva Flandez, Rudi Fröch | POOLICE

People with ACAB tattoos calling the police. As a once sincere symbol of resistance against state controlled authorities slowly transforms into a widely accepted slogan, genuine attitude is clouded with a sense of hollow posing. 

But maybe the assumption that the symbol of ACAB itself has changed is wrong as it’s more the case that the expectations it is met with, the motivation behind its expression and the societal surroundings of its presentation have changed. 

With police brutality being on a constant rise and increasing distrust in constellations of political and societal power can be sensed both in offline and online, public and private surroundings, we should slowly befriend the idea that the relationship between these two phenomenons is better described as causality than correlation.

Throughout POOLICE a keen interest for sociopolitical events can be sensed in every exhibited piece as thoughtful observations are both enriched through clever commentary and disrupted by playful reinterpretations as Maša Stanić, Daniel Silva Flandez and Rudi Fröch take on a topic that can’t be more omnipresent and still underrepresented at the same time.