Christiane Peschek | Salzburger Kunstverein

Is it Me? Am I the Drama?
Salzburger Kunstverein

Group Show
The title “Is it Me? Am I the Drama?” (quoted from American drag queen and online sensation, Scarlet Envy) provides a narrative and performative space for the diversity of different artistic positions to discuss contemporary issues. In numerous Tik Tok and Instagram reels, this quote by Scarlet Envy is used to comment ironically on others. This action of appropriating a varied construction of otherness and self-image within a queer identity is thus a curatorial reference for the exhibition. The intention is to open up the diversity of all possible starting points for the artists’ work and to resist making separable differences in the sense of the diversity of this work and its varied meaning.


Curated by Karin Pernegger

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