Lars Eidinger | Hamburger Kunsthalle

Klasse Gesellschaft. 
Alltag im Blick niederländischer Meister. 
Mit Lars Eidinger und Stefan Marx

curated by Sandra Pisot
(…) In the exhibition the works of the Dutch masters meet with works by Stefan Marx and Lars Eidinger. By reflecting on the given themes and motifs, the two artists place them in a broader context and thereby overcome traditional boundaries. The at first sight unusual juxtaposition brings about a dialogue which, provoked by an intriguing reciprocal effect, allows us to see and perceive the art of the old masters from new angles. Stefan Marx works among others with written characters which he applies in his distinct typography to create drawings and paintings. The sometimes poetic, humorous and then again critical and thought-provoking expressions, quotes or epigrams inspire new perspectives in the examination of the Dutch genre scenes. Lars Eidinger’s photographs and video works echo a plethora of attentive everyday observations at different locations. They capture oftentimes paradoxical scenes of mundane life including people’s ambivalent behaviour, without judging them. Partially enriched with scenes from theatre and film, the work gives rise to subtle, self-willed and profound image worlds that reveal unexpected parallels to the works of the old masters. (…)

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