Dramaturgy of Photographs

You can find him on the stage or in front of a film camera, in the director’s chair or at the mixing board—Lars Eidinger has many faces, and not just as an actor. His performances testify to a sheer, inexhaustible energy that makes every appearance a tour de force that infects and electrifies the audience in an almost magical way. No less can be expected from his photographic works, which are gathered together here for the first time in a publication. As diverse as the subjects of the pictures are, they still allow us to recognize Eidinger’s signature: elements of film and theater unite to form a unique rhythm that transforms the everyday into a paradoxical world essence. Only one word can suitably describe the richness of these visual spheres and the way of seeing that they articulate: epic.

LARS EIDINGER (*1976, Berlin) is one of Germany’s best-known actors. Berliners can experience him close-up as a member of the Schaubühne’s ensemble, while an international audience will know him from his fi lm performances. Autistic Disco is the title of both his photographic work and his DJ set.

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