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Marie Munk & Stine Deja | DIVINE DESIRES
Politikens Forhal Copenhagen

Duo show
With the exhibition Divine Desires, Marie Munk and Stine Deja explore our mediated reality through a total installation that most of all resembles a cross between a clinical operating room and an almost divine future scenario. An oversized head and two large hands are scattered into space, squeezed into time and space and lost in a desire that apparently never stops. Two eyes move from side to side, at a leisurely pace, but one also senses a growing anxiety in the dilated eyes, to blink and perhaps miss something. Or as art critic and author Kristian Vistrup Madsen writes in the text for the exhibition, where from this section is taken:

“If we take the exhibition’s title, Divine Desires, as our starting point, the contrast is further emphasized. For where the sacred can be understood as something static that instills a certain calm is coveted on the contrary. The hand pulls in the window, as the sleepless scroller at night away in the light of his smartphone, or as if the passers-by on the Town Hall Square were part of an endless stream of news. What information is this person seeking? When is that enough? It is as if the object itself has been replaced by a void, or that the desire the title refers to simply is a desire for desire itself. ”

The eyes in the exhibition are repeated in the work that Munk and Deja have created for the house’s light newspapers on Rådhuspladsen, Nørreport, Vesterport and Hans Knudsens Plads. The work can be experienced every Friday throughout the exhibition period on all the mentioned light newspapers. First time on opening day 22 April and last time Friday 17 June 2022.

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